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A brief introduction of L (-)-two-benzoyl tartrate acid water
- Jul 23, 2018 -

1 abbreviation: two benzoyl tartrate

7 English Name: Dibenzoyl-l-tartaric acid monohydrate

7 English alias: (2R,3R)-(-)-dibenzoyl-l-tartaric acid monohydrate

9 CAS No.: 62708-56-9 

2 Molecular formula: C18h14o8.H2o

8 Molecular Weight: 376.31

0 Purity: ≥99.0%

No. 9 MDL: MFCD00149119

0 Beilstein Number: 4065263

1-Spin luminosity: -115°~-120°

8 Moisture: 4.0~5.0%

hplc:99% above

Similar products: l (-)-two benzoyl tartrate tartaric acid anhydrous, L (+)-two benzoyl tartrate tartaric acid, L (+)-two benzoyl tartaric acid water, L-almond acid, malic acid, etc. Character: This product is white crystalline powder, odorless, taste slightly bitter.

Slightly soluble in water, ph value 3-4, is acidic, soluble in ethanol and acetone and other organic solvents. Application: Widely used for chiral removal of the racemic amine compounds.