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Application and explanation of 1,3-ps and 1,3-propane sulfonate in electrolyte additive for high voltage lithium ion battery
- Jul 23, 2018 -

In recent years, there are many reports on the application of organic sulfonic esters as additives to lithium ion batteries. Pires 1,3-(PS) was added to the electrolyte of high pressure lithium ion battery, which effectively inhibited the occurrence of surface side reactions and the dissolution of metal ions. ZHENG Methane (DMSM) as an electrolyte additive for high pressure linil/3col/3mn1/3o2 Graphite battery, XPS, SEM and TEM results show that the presence of MMDS has a good effect on the cathode Sei film, and can significantly reduce the electrode even under high pressure. /electrolyte interface impedance, improve the cycle stability of the cathode material. In addition, the cyclic properties of trifluoromethyl phenyl sulfide (PTS) additive in high pressure lithium ion battery at room temperature and high temperature were studied Huang. Theoretical calculation data and experimental results showed that PTS was oxidized preferentially than solvent molecule in the cyclic process, and the SEI film formed increased the cycling stability of the battery at high voltage. In addition, some thiophene and its derivatives are also considered as high pressure lithium ion battery additives, when added to these additives, will be formed on the positive surface of the polymer film, to avoid the electrolyte at high pressure oxidation decomposition.