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Oryzanol function
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Oryzanol mainly acts on the plant nervous system and secretory center of Diencephalon, which improves and regulates the symptoms of autonomic dysfunction, endocrine imbalance and mental disorders. Can be used for beauty: Oryzanol has a beautiful skin whitening effect, is the source of raw materials for skin care products. 

Oryzanol is a unique ingredient in rice, known as the "beauty element", is the plant line of melanin inhibitor, mild nature, no side effects, can reduce the activity of melanin cells, inhibit the formation, operation and diffusion of melanin, alleviate pigmentation, dilute the butterfly spots, static complexion. At the same time, also can reduce capillary brittleness, improve skin peripheral blood vessel circulation function, and prevent skin from being cracked and improve skin color, make skin bloom natural run white ze.