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Oryzanol's Product source
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Oryzanol mainly exists in the rice bran oil and its oil feet, and the content of oryzanol in rice bran layer is 0.3~0.5%.

Rice Bran is dissolved in oil during heating press, and the content of Oryzanol in the general Oryzanol oil is about 2%~3%. Its content varies slightly with the climatic conditions of paddy cultivation, the rice variety and the technological conditions of rice bran oil extraction, and the rice bran containing oryzanol is higher than that of tropical Paddy rice, and the content of oryzanol in the oil is higher than that of the low temperature press and solvent leaching.

In many plant oil, such as corn germ oil, wheat germ oil, Xmlbar bran oil, rapeseed oil and so on, to the oryzanol content of wool bran oil, so oryzanol mostly from the bran oil extract. Oryzanol is a binding lipid of ferulic acid and phytosterol, which can be extracted from rice bran oil, germ oil and other cereal oils. Its appearance is white to a kind of white crystalline powder, tasteless, can dissolve in a variety of grease, insoluble in water.