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Deep Processing Of Amino Acids
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Deep processing of amino acids

Nowadays, in addition to the rapid development of production technology and means, the development trend of amino acid industry technology at home and abroad is another trend of deep processing of amino acids and new product development. The meaning of amino acid products has evolved from traditional protein amino acids to a large group of products that play an increasingly important role in human life and production, including non-protein amino acids, amino acid derivatives and short peptides. Further development has provided a larger market, injecting new vitality into amino acids and related industries.

In medicine, amino acid derivatives are currently used as therapeutic drugs in clinical practice, and are widely used in the treatment of hepatic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, ulcer diseases, nervous system diseases, anti-inflammatory, etc. There are no more than hundreds of things. For example, 4-hydroxyproline is effective in treating chronic hepatitis and preventing cirrhosis. N-acetyl-L-glutamine aluminum, dihydroxy aluminum-L-histidine, histidine-vitamin u-methionine, N-acetyltryptophan aluminum, titanium, and strontium are all effective drugs against ulcer disease. N-Dimethylamino-ethyl-N-acetylglutamate restores fatigue, treats depression caused by depression and cerebrovascular disorders. A mixture of La-methyl-β tyrosine and decyl phenylalanine dehydroxylase, D-3-mercapto-2-methylpropionyl-L-proline and diuretic mixture, are very good resistance Hypertensive drugs. Arginine aspirin and lysine aspirin not only maintain the analgesic effect of aspirin, but also reduce side effects. N-acetylcysteine methyl ester hydrochloride has a good effect on bronchitis.

Amino acid polymers are now becoming a new surgical material for clinical trials. A layered wound dressing of natural skin, such as leucine and esterified glutamic acid or aspartic acid, can be used as part of the skin after the wound is wrapped.

Peptide drugs are also an important aspect of the application of amino acid drugs, such as glutathione is an effective drug for the treatment of liver disease, drug poisoning, allergic diseases and prevention of cataract. The vasopressin, which is a combination of 9 amino acids, promotes the blood pressure of the arterioles and capillaries, and has an antidiuretic effect.

Amino acid derivatives are also useful as antibiotics and antibacterial synergists. An N-acylated amino acid obtained by acylation of a long-chain fatty acid, an amino acid ester obtained by esterification of a higher alcohol, and an N-acyl amino acid ester obtained by esterifying an N-acylated amino acid with a lower alcohol, to Gram Positive and Gram-negative bacteria have a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity and also have a role in molds, and are widely used as active agents and preservatives. Further, if an amino acid derivative is added to penicillin G and lysozyme, especially amino acid ester, penicillin G and lysozyme exhibit strong antibacterial activity and lytic activity.