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Drug Action Of Amino Acid Derivatives
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Amino acid derivatives have been widely used as antitumor drugs, and their action modes are as follows: (1) antitumor drugs using amino acids as carriers, such as phenylalanine mustard gas, L-valine, L-glutamic acid, L-lay And phenylenediamine mustard are combined. (2) The use of amino acid derivatives as structural analogs of amino acids required for tumor cells to achieve anti-tumor purposes, such as S-carbamyl-L-cysteine. (3) An amino acid derivative as an antitumor drug of an enzyme inhibitor. For example, N-phosphoacetyl-L-aspartate is a transitional state inhibitor of aspartate trans-aminocresolase, which can be used to interrupt the synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides for anti-tumor purposes. (4) A tumor inhibitor as an intermediate product of an amino acid derivative. (5) An amino acid derivative that reverses cancer cells.