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How To Use The Powder Correctly
- Jan 16, 2019 -

You must be familiar with insurance powder. In industrial production or life, there are many places where you can use insurance powder. Because the insurance powder does not contain heavy metals, the bleached fabric has bright color and is not easy to fade. It is widely used. To the textile industry, as a reducing agent for reduction dyeing, hopping bleaching agent, vat dye printing auxiliaries, silk scouring and bleaching agent, dyeing agent stripping agent and dyeing tank cleaning agent.

In addition, insurance powder is often used in the paper industry, mainly used as a bleaching agent for mechanical pulp, thermomechanical pulp and deinked pulp. In the food industry, insurance powder can also be used for food bleaching, such as gelatin, sucrose, honey, etc., bleaching of soap, animal oil, bamboo, porcelain clay, or bleaching for sugar, candy, candied fruit, biscuits, fans, etc. Agents and food preservatives, etc. In fact, the biggest use of insurance powder is bleaching and use as a reducing agent in the chemical industry.